This Motzoei Shabbos – Oorah-thon 2015: The War is ON!


oorahthonIt’s the hour you’ve been waiting for all year. Tune in as renowned shadchanim Freddy Friedman and Tzadok Katz sit round the Shidduch Roundtable, joined by the incomparable Moshe Pogrow, founder of the legendary NASI program. Sparks will fly and temperatures will rise… well, they claim that this year, there will be a peaceful discussion about shidduchim. But is it possible to get these three characters in one room without sparking a heated debate?!


The exact topics to be discussed have not been released to the media at this time, but sources tell us they cover the range of shidduch questions uppermost in all of our minds. This is not a segment you want to miss. And there’s only one way to ensure you don’t. Set an alarm or tie a string around your finger, but be sure to tune in THIS motzaei Shabbos, May 16, for the Oorah-thon. Kicked off at 10 PM with Fiveish Hour and continuing with exciting programming until the wee hours of the morning, stay tuned so you don’t miss it.


Broadcast live from Oorah’s Lakewood headquarters, the Oorah-thon will be aired on: in NY – WABC 770 AM,WMCA 570 AMJROOT 95.1FM, and in Lakewood – 107.9 FM
or call the Oorah-thon hotline 718-557-0555 or 718-557-0505 to listen live or you can click here to watch live!

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