This Year’s Munkatcher Sukkah


munkatch-eli-veghThere are many distinctive sukkos throughout the world and Boro Park has a large number of them. Most renowned are the impressive sukkos of Munkatch and Bobov. In addition to being a hub of chassidic joy throughout Yom Tov, the Munkatcher sukkah introduces visitors to some of the great shuls of the past. Surprisingly, many are still used for daily davening.

One hundred and fifteen enlarged photographs have decorated the Munkatcher sukkah for the last seven years. These pictures are a major contribution to Jewish history, displayed in a chassidishe setting. Thousands of chassidim are anticipated to join the Munkatcher Rebbe for Sukkos. In addition to taking part in the Rebbe’s spirited tish, the guests will have the pleasure of viewing the sukkah, bedecked with a visual tour of Jewish history.

 The Rebbe, Yoel Berkowitz and Eli Vegh chose an additional 15 exquisite portrait photographs to enhance the Munkatcher sukkah this year. They will feature shuls built in France, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. The portraits span the years from the 1400s through 1930.  To see some photos and historical backgrounds of the shuls, click here.

{Rabbi G. Tannenbaum-Machberes/Noam Newscenter}


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