This Young Widow And Her Three Children Are Being Thrown Out Of Their Home


Claudine B. of Karmiel was recently widowed and is literally about to be thrown out of her home. This mother of three and dedicated daughter has been dealt challenge after challenge, persevering through each one with incredible dedication, spirit, kindness and positivity. For five years Claudine nursed her young husband through his devastating battle with cancer. He wasn’t eligible for assisted transportation to his appointments so Claudine took him back and forth to doctors for treatments. She slept at his hospital bedside whenever he needed an overnight stay. She never wanted him to be alone.

This was extremely hard on Claudine’s children, who rarely had the opportunity to spend quality time with their mother over those five years. It was a situation she could never have expected but her sick husband needed her and she was there for him.

At the same time, Claudine was faced with yet another challenge. Her mother, confined to a wheelchair, had serious health issues of her own. Vital medications that she needed were not covered by insurance and Claudine needed to find a way to pay for them. Her mother’s condition slowly deteriorated. She lost her sight and her ability to swallow. Once again it was a situation Claudine could never have expected but this time it was her sick mother who needed her and she was there for her.

Tragically, Claudine’s husband and mother passed away within 3 weeks of each other. Claudine barely finished sitting shiva for her husband, when she had to start sitting again.

Claudine kept on going, trying her best to take care of her heartbroken children who desperately needed their mother and missed their father. Her children are afraid she will “disappear like abba”. Her son recently remarked that when he grows up, he will save all his money so that he can buy an airplane “to reach abba in Shamayim”.

Claudine also continues to take care of her ailing father, who is currently in hospice, in her home. Just like with her husband and mother, she helps him with his treatments, medications, and making him as comfortable as possible. She could never have expected this, but her father needs her and she is there for him.

Soon after her husband’s death, Claudine was faced with the devastating reality of heavy debt that had built up during the course of his illness. She now had to deal with this burden. Collectors began knocking on the door and are threatening to repossess her home.
This home, which has been the epicenter of so much kindness and dedication, is one of the only things Claudine and her children have left. The situation is unbelievable. Claudine does her best to carry on, even putting off urgent medical issues of her own (she needs to undergo surgery to repair damage that was done in a previous operation) until she can figure out how to save her home and protect her children. They constantly cry, out of fear and worry that they will have nowhere to live.

There is some hope in this tragic story. After lengthy negotiations with lawyers, Yad Eliezer succeeded in negotiating the debt: If $80,000 is paid over the next fourteen days, the remaining debt of $80,000 will be forgiven. Several generous donors have stepped forward and we are working to raise $15,000 through Milka’s Fund. It won’t take away the pain of all she has lost but it will provide her with a profound sense of relief and security, two things she hasn’t had in such a long time. Claudine has gone through so much in her life and has always lovingly put her family’s needs before her own. Claudine was always there for others. Now let US come together and be there for her.

We can prevent an almana, her three children and her dying father from G-d forbid being thrown out onto the street. Let’s help save this family so they can avoid existing literally without a roof over their head. They have already gone through so much.

This is an emergency situation, and time is of the essence. We only have two weeks until Claudine’s eviction. Please help us keep Claudine and her family safe in the only home they have.

Milka’s Fund, founded and managed by Yad Eliezer, is a safe and secure way of donating money to help individuals with compassion, and enable them to live a life with their problem solved. DONATE BY CLICKING HERE.

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