Thousands Attend Funerals Of Victims Of Neve Tzuf Massacre


Thousands of people came to the Modiin cemetery Sunday afternoon to mourn the loss of three members of the Salomon family who were murdered by an Arab terrorist Friday night in the town of Neve Tzuf in western Shomron.

Elad Mayor Yisrael Porush, who eulogized the victims during the memorial service, described how Elad Salomon’s wife hid her children in a room upstairs while the Arab terrorist carried out his murderous rampage.

“What can you say to a mother who defended her children while the angel of death rampaged on the floor below? How can you console five children who are now left as orphans?” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{ Israel Bureau}


  1. With so maney jews being killed in the last few weeks in israel. Maybe it’s not the safest place for jews to live there.

    • Don’t think we’re so safe here or anywhere else in the world. You’re just living in a bubble if you think you’re safe. You probably live in a city full of mostly frum people which can give you the allusion that you’re safe. We need Siyata D’Shamaya wherever we are. Remember we’re in galus- even those living in E”Y are still in galus.


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