Thousands March to Capitol Hill in D.C.



Thousands of protesters converged in Washington D.C. today and marched to the Capitol to call for legislative action after a string of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers.

The crowd gathered in Freedom Plaza beforehand and marched down Pennsylvania Avenue. “Let’s keep it strong, long and meaningful,” Esaw Garner, Eric Garner’s widow, told the crowd.

Organizers had predicted around 5,000 protesters, but, according to the Associated Press, the crowd appeared much larger. Read more at Huffington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. For cryin’ out loud, why is their platform built around demonstrating for the QUOTE – END QUOTE persons of shady background? Garner had 31 arrests, the Ferguson guy robbed a store and Trayvon, the kid who would look like Obama if he had a son was also no angel! I’m not saying that they deserved to be cut down but look who their champions are!! What does that say about their cause! (Iguess with a wife named Eisav who could expect better! LoL)
    Oh, and let’s not forget the Tawana Brawley fiasco! Why didn’t they get jail time for promoting riots over a phoney cause?

    Was anything ever said by them about the injustice to Yankel Rosenbaum’s murderer, Lemrick Nelson? Was anything ever demonstrated by them about the injustices done to Pollard or Rubashkin?
    Why are they so only interested on injustices done onto blacks?

    Their platform seems badly flawed!

  2. “… after a string of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers.”
    What ‘string’ exactly? Cause I believe I missed that bit of info. There were reports of: one death of a teen aged hoodlum, clearly not on a break from his milk and cookies, clearly by his actions recorded on on video a criminal- which resulted from the teen’s assaulting a policeman and trying to wrest the cop’s gun away. Another death of a man who resisted arrest; looks like cops ought to have handled that incident better but the on-scene supervisor was a black cop, she was not racist, surely. His death was not a result of white-on-black malice, his race was irrelevant to those police officers. Yeah, somewhere out there are lowlifes who happen to be racists and also cops, I’m sure, and other kinds of bad apples, I’ve met some cops in my lifetime who just dislike Jews, really, really bad, and let you know it, but that’s not the norm, as this wave of protests makes it seem to be. Too many cops are rude and act hostile to all of us, maybe due to stress or just being uncool, and they can all be scary people, they carry loaded guns for crying out loud, sure but that doesn’t make them racist. These ‘protestors’ are accomplishing a lot: for themselves-fun, attention, a chance to behave like insane zombies to applause, lots of cool selfies to trade,free food and drink, shidduch opportunities (of a sort), and for those poor yukels who might actually be naive idealists,they likely think they are part of an important historic movement,poor coots. The hard core of them, some of whom have been on Al’s payroll from the time he first wriggled out from under his rock, I’m sure they get cash and food,transportation, hotel or apartment costs; for them and the younger ones who aren’t fooled by the rhetoric, just the opportunity to go marauding is adequate recompense, but for the organizers, on many levels, there’s ground level, ie Al Sharpster, he benefits personally in so many ways, of course he still dreams of political office I’m sure, from the days of Ms Brawley -now he just might be appointed to Scam Czar, or Secretary of Unrest, some other office, he’s very cozy with the Prez, plus his connections are so much better now, he’s just counting the future speaking engagements book deals, positions on Boards, that’s aside from what he must be raking in from all kinds of sources that find his organizational skills and deplorable lack of integrity valuable. But, they are accomplishing much more for the terrifyingly clever, plan-ahead progressive party; the ones who are shelling out really serious money to underwrite this never ending story. These folks are organizing for 2016, and don’t intend to let up. This is nuclear powered ACORN. Or the beginning of it. Wish I knew what Soros was saying right now, or maybe not even Soros. Maybe some imam in Qattar, or even Dearborn, who knows. As far as the white idealists in that crowd, they don’t care what the cause is, they want a piece of it, long as Mom and Dad don’t cut off the funds. Show me a country where anyone, black or white has it better. Twelve years of school is free and so is healthcare for the poor. Advanced education is more available than ever. Housing is subsidized. Travel is pretty cheap. The only people who can’t travel freely on our urban transit systems are the people whose lives are devastated by the impact of the gangs of black’youths’, male and female who crowd our trains and buses on their way to and from school who intimidate white and Asian passengers. You don’t ever see headlines about that, do you? Blacks who want to be are cops, teachers, doctors, homeowners, ministers, artists, plumbers, nurses, newscasters, bus drivers, social workers, work for Fedex, UPS, U.S> House of Representatives, etc etc. Last I heard, it was rumored a black man was President of the whole darned country. Anyone who is willing to stay in school-with special programs to help poor students, mind you, and all kinds of counselors and therapies, and graduate, then to start like most people, at the bottom and, like many people, work their way up, can do it here. There is nothing at all black citizens cannot do, based on any systemic bar. As to, The language of this piece is poisonous, untrue and dangerous and unfair . And most cops really are decent citizens and risk their lives for us when they have to. Hakoros Hatov, maybe?


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