Three IDF Soldiers Hurt in Gush Etzion Attack


gush-etzionIsrael Police said a large commercial vehicle with Palestinian plates rammed into three IDF soldiers standing near a pillbox by al-Arroub today.

Magen David Adom rescue personnel confirmed three soldiers suffered moderate-to-severe injuries near a Palestinian refugee camp close to the Gush Etzion Junction.

The vehicle escaped towards Chevron. Security forces are conducting searches of the area and placing barricades to catch the suspect.

Earlier Wednesday, Ibrahimal-Akari, a Hamas member from Shuafat, plowed his van into two separate crowds of Israelis, killing a Border Patrol officer and wounding 12 others.

On Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Netanyahu called in the defense minister, internal security minister, chief of police, and other officials for a consultation in the wake of the terror attack in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem police also decided to coordinate with the Jerusalem Light Rail’s managing firm, CityPass, to place concrete barriers near stations, in order to prevent further attempts at vehicular rampage. The first barriers were placed in French Hill stations in the late evening.


{ Israel}



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