To Bribe Or Not To Bribe? Survey Finds Nearly 50 Percent Of Parents Bribe Kids For Good Behavior


kidsMany parents are guilty of bribing their children with cash in exchange for good behavior, but is it an effective parenting strategy?

As CBS 2′s Cindy Hsu reported, a new survey by T. Rowe Price‎ finds nearly 50 percent of parents admit to bribing their kids with money to encourage good behavior.

“I wouldn’t call it a bribe. I feel that’s a way to reward them,” said mother of two Amy Chiang.

“I don’t think bribing kids with money for good grades or anything is appropriate,” said mother Shaunte Wyatt.

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere told Hsu bribing for good behavior can be a slippery slope.

“In the short-term it works. In the long-term it can be very destructive because the child will expect money for everything that they do and that’s not how society works,” he said.

Read more at CBS LOCAL.

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  1. Theres nothing wrong with bribing but it does have to be done with common sense, with a system. (like everything else with parenting)

  2. A bribe is an lure to do something WRONG –

    You are talking about INCENTIVE which is designed to promote GOOD behavior!
    Let’s keep our definitions clear.


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