Today in Lakewood: Divrei Hesped On Hagoan Rav Ahron Leib Shteinman zt”l From Horav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlit”a


Today Asara B’teves between Mincha and Maariv there will be Divrei Hesped on Hagoan Rav Ahron Leib Shteinman zt”l from Horav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlit”a in Bais Medrash Lutzk 520 New Egypt Road.

Mincha 4:10
Divrei Hesped 4:35
Maariv 5:10


  1. Why would they conduct a hesped of this kind which was specifically merntioned in Rav Shteinman ZT”L’s tsavouh ro be against his wishes. It is a great disrespect to that Tzaddiks’s memory for the organizers of this event to sieze an opportunity for self-aggrandisement; an outcome that is against everything that Rav Shteinman stood for.


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