Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 1-2 Elul


flicker_100393Yahrtzeits – 1 Elul

Rav Dovid Hanaggid ben Avrohom ben Rambam (1224 or 1233-1300). Rav David lived in Eretz Yisrael for a number of years then moved back to Egypt where he died. His remains where brought back to Israel and he was buried in Tiberias in order to be next to the grave of his Grandfather.

Rav Chanoch Henach Dov Maierof Alesk, the Lev Sameyach (1800-1884). Rav Chanoch married Frieda Rokeach, daughter of the first Belzer Rebbe, Rav Shalom. Following the death of Rav Berish Flam, Rav Chanoch was elected Rebbe of Alesk.

Yahrtzeits – 2 Elul

Rav Yitzchak Bar Sheshes, the Rivash (1326-1407). Born in Barcelona. The son of Sheshes Perfet, Rav Yitzchak is considered a student of Rav Shlomo ben Aderes (the Rashba) as he followed his teachings, though he actually studied under the Ran. He wrote commentaries on the Talmud, Torah and halachos and served as Rav of Saragossa. He strongly opposed Aristotle’s approach and strongly discouraged the study of kabbalah. When the widespread massacres started in 1391 CE, Rivash fled to the safety of North Africa, settling in Algiers. There he was appointed to be Chief Rabbi, a position recognized by the Algerian government.

Rav Eliezer Hager of Vizhnitz, the Damesek Eliezer, born to the “Ahavas Yisrael” of Vizhnitz, a small town in Bukovina on the eastern slopes of the Capathian Mountains. He married Chava, daughter of Rav Yitzchak Meir of Kapishnitz (1891-1946)

Rav Avraham Yaakov of Boyan-Levov (Lemberg), Galicia (1941), 3rd of the 4 sons of Rav Yitzchak of Boyan, the Pachad Yitzchak.

Rav Shmuel Dovid Walkin, son of the Pinsker Rav (the Bais Aharon), Rav in Shanghai during WWII and after the War in Queens, NY (1979). His son, Rav Chaim Walkin, is the menahel ruchani of yeshivas Ateres Yisrael.

Today in History – 1 Elul

· Hashem tells Zerubavel ben Sha’altiel (via Chaggai) to rebuild the Beis haMikdash.
· Shmuel Hanaggid’s army vanquishes the army of Abu Abbas (the vizier of Amir Badis) in Almaria, 1038. He established this day as a day of rejoicing for all his descendants.
· Jews of Cologne, Germany set fire to their homes and perished in the flames to escape forced baptism during the Black Plague massacres, 1349.
· Jews of Palma massacred, 1391
· Anti-Jewish riots claim 77 lives in Prague, 1400.
· Jews of Great Poland were granted limited self-government, 1551.
· The Jewish community of Neutitschlin, Moravia was expelled, 1563.
· Archbishop of Lvov provided hiding places for Jewish children and Sifrei Torah, 1942.
· The Soviet government permits the opening of a Jewish school in Riga, the first in fifty years, 1989.

Today in History – 2 Elul

· 160 Jews in France burned to death on charges of well-poisoning, 1321
· Jews of Poland and Lithuania granted a Charter of Rights, 1447.
· Pope orders confiscation and burning of all copies of the Gemara, 1553
· First printing of the Shulchan Aruch, near Tzefas, 1555
· Jews of Bologna, Italy granted equal rights, 1796.
· Berlinwas divided, as East Germany sealed off the city’s eastern sector with a wall in order to halt the flight of refugees, 1961.
· Terrorist attacks by Abu Nidal organization on the Neve Shalom Shul in Istanbul, Turkey killing 22 people, 1986

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