Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 5-6 Cheshvan


flicker_10039Yahrtzeits – 5 Cheshvan

Rav Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher

Rav Moshe Birdogo, son of Rav Avraham. Rav Moshe resided in western Morocco and was known as the Rosh Mashbir (1730)

Rav Avraham Halevi Zions, rosh yeshivas Knesses Yisrael in New York

Rav Avraham Rice, pioneer of the Baltimore Jewish community and founder of one of the first Hebrew schools in the U.S.

Yahrtzeits – 6 Cheshvan

Rav Yehuda Hachosid, founder of the Churva shul in Yerushalayim (1700)

Rav Shlomo Dovid Yehoshua Weinberg,
the Admor Hatzair of Slonim (1943)

Rav Yechiel Menachem of Alexander-America (1988)

Today in History – 5 Cheshvan

· Pogrom against Alexandria’s Jews and their expulsion from the city by the Christian rabble incited by Bishop Carilius, 413 CE
· Jews massacred in Beit Shean by Greeks, 333 BCE
· 200 Jews massacred in Germany, 1298
· Pope Gregory X condemns the libel of Jews for ritual murder, 1272
· Jews of Landau, Germany, ordered to wear yellow badge, 1468
· Hebrew became one of the official languages used in British Mandate courts, 1920

Today in History – 6 Cheshvan

· The Rambam arrives in Yerushalayim (6 months after arriving in Eretz Yisrael) and commemorates the day as a private holiday, 1165.
· By orders of King John, Jews of England imprisoned until they paid the enormous sum of 66,000 marks as a tax, 1210. Abraham of Bristol, who refused to pay his “share” (10,000 silver marks) had a tooth pulled every day until he agreed to pay. He lost seven teeth before he was able to raise the funds
· King of Sicily forbids decorating the outside of shuls, 1366 [some say this event occurred on 28 Tishrei]
· Birth of R’ Yisrael Salanter (1809-1883)
· 100 Jews of Florence, Italy deported to extermination camps, 1943
· First census in State of Israel counts 712,000 Jews and 69,000 Arab residents, 1948

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