Tom Perez: ‘I Am Not Talking About Impeachment’


Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said Sunday he’s not focusing on impeaching President Trump, despite a $10 million ad campaign from a Democratic mega-donor.

“I am not talking about impeachment,” Perez said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Martha Raddatz asked Perez about a multimillion-dollar ad campaign by Tom Steyer calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Perez said Steyer can do “whatever he feels he needs to do.” Read more at The Hill.




  1. The drum beats. The image of DNC needs improved right.

    King may help. Daven for gavel and work. We might see a judicial society.

  2. The DNC have been talking about impeachment the day Trump was elected for “steeling” Corrupt Hillary’s victory. Now they want him impeached because they realize that they have no chance of ever winning again once all the frauds and rigged election machines will be taken out.


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