Tonight: Relief Resources Pre-Hurricane Sandy Anxiety Teleconference


depressed1Tonight, there will be a Pre-Hurricane Sandy Anxiety Teleconference from Relief Resources on “How to Deal with your child’s (and your own!) fear and anxiety (Before, during, and after),” presented by Benyamin Halpern MSW LSW CASAC-T, Anxiety & Fear Specialist and developer of the “Staying on Track Program TM for Overcoming Anxiety & Fear.”

Learn how to:

-Prepare your child for the upcoming storm so they are as ready as they can be

-Deal with your child’s fears of the upcoming storm successfully

– Know what to say to calm your child when they are afraid

– Teach your children the skills they need to successfully deal with the storm, to avoid any negative ramifications

– Have this storm be a learning experience to make them more resilient and empowered

To join the teleconference, call (805) 399-1200, access code 735824, tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s advertisements like these which cause people to get scared. It’s only a way to cash in on the storm. Be NORMAL and so will your children.

  2. All your comments are ok if you don’t have the child with a major anxiety problem. Tonite’s teleconference was super and a great step forward for the other parents. THANKS RELIEF


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