Tonight: Remember Our Brothers


rubashkin2Dear friends,

Today is Erev Pesach, a busy day, so I will keep it short.

Tonight, we will sit down at the Seder. How fortunate we are! Some of our brethren are not so lucky. I think of our good friend, R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin. I think of our dear brother, R’ Yanky Ostreicher. I think of Yehonoson ben Malka, our brother Jonathan. And I think of the many others who will not be at their family’s Pesach Seder if Moshiach does not arrive today.

yanky-ostreicherI cry and I cry. But as I cry, I pray. Because pray is all I can do.

And tonight, as I sit at the Seder, I will take a moment with the rest of my family to mention the names listed above. We will mention them and remember them. We will beg Hashem that just as we haven’t forgotten his children, our brethren, so should He not forget us. Rather, may He remember us on this Yom Tov of cheirus and grant us the cheirus we are hoping for, the freedom of the geulah shlaymah, may it come today.

Noam Amdurski

pollardWriter, Newscenter

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  1. very true, just because we are all free BH and having a good time with our families, we must never forget the people who are alone. the same way Hashem freed us He will free them, amen. we just have to daven.


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