Tonight: Torah Umesorah’s 66th Annual Dinner


wolfsTorah Umesorah is a movement that encompasses thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students in yeshivos and day schools across America. The multi-faceted Torah Umesorah movement has so many divisions that each individual one is practically a self-contained mosad.

Aish Dos, Partners-in-Torah, Project Seed,, teacher centers in Chicago and Brooklyn and Zechor Yemos Olam are only part of the world of Torah Umesorah and what it is accomplishing for chinuch and Klal Yisroel. There is ongoing teacher training, principal fellowships, networking sessions and personal visits to schools across America with only the education of our tinokos shel bais rabbon in mind. The Torah Umesorah Publications Department is constantly producing new and innovative teaching materials used in classrooms around the world. Torah Umesorah has changed the face of Torah in this country and continues to be the shining star in spreading Torah and Yiddishkeit to all.

Today, Torah Umesorah is actively involved with over 150 Jewish communities in the United States. These communities were developed and continue to be nourished both financially and educationally by the massive scope of what Torah Umesorah has been involved with. A seed is planted, continues to be nurtured, and blossoms into something beautiful with constant care. It then continues to expand. This is Torah Umesorah.

Tonight, the 66th Anniversary Dinner of Torah Umesorah will be held at the new The Palace hall in Brooklyn. A large crowd is expected to pay tribute to the Torah Umesorah movement that continues to enhance and transform the face of chinuch in America, benefiting children from all backgrounds and levels of learning.

At the dinner, Torah Umesorah will pay tribute to the Wolf Family – Reb Chaim and Helen Wolf a”h and, ybl”c, their three sons, Mr. and Mrs. Aron Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch Wolf and Mr. and Mrs. Saul Wolf, by marking the dedication of the Chaim and Helen Wolf Brooklyn Teacher Center. 

The Amud HaTorah Awards at this year’s dinner will be bestowed upon Rabbi and Mrs. Baruch Ber Kleiman and Mr. and Mrs. Heshe Kleiman, two tireless advocates on behalf of chinuch who, having been raised in St. Louis where they attended a Torah Umesorah day school, have experienced firsthand the tremendous impact that Torah Umesorah had and continues to have on chinuch in America.

The Hersh Potok Memorial School of the Year Award will be presented to the Veitzener Cheder of Chicago. Rav Moshe Yosef Unger and Rabbi Zvi Feiner, respectively the Cheder’s dean and president, will be on hand to accept the coveted award for their cheder, a school that embodies the ideals and ethos of Torah Umesorah.

Two dynamic young couples will be presented with the Project Seed Eitz Chaim Award for representing the exciting future of Torah Umesorah and the large cadre of young idealistic activists that it is developing. Both Rabbi and Mrs. Shalom Augenbaum, who headed a Seed program last summer in Jacksonville, Florida, and Rabbi and Mrs. Aharon Grossman, who inspired Jews in Santa Cruz, California, will receive the Eitz Chaim Award.

The dinner will be graced by many Torah luminaries. A fascinating and entertaining video presentation will detail the massive scope of Torah Umesorah’s work.

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