Touch Your Brethren in Israel…With Pizza


sderot-schoolDear friends,

We all want to help out our brethren in Israel But how?

Here’s one idea for the readers of

Two pies and two sodas are 100 shekel and can make a family stuck in a bomb shelter’s day.

The idea is to order a pizza from Pizza Roma in Ashdod (08-866-7000). They will send it to a family nearby. The store will deliver it to a family who they know will need it, such as a home where the mother is a teacher in the school that was hit by a rocket. The pizza guy has been very appreciative, calling customers back after he delivered the pizza. The families are very uplifted to know that people throughout Israel and around the world have thought to order them pizza.

There is another store in Sderot that is also interested in getting orders (08-661-2007).

They are expecting calls.

Let’s do our part.

Avi Burg

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  1. What a beautiful idea! I just called and sent the pizza – it’s a good feeling to know we can do something small for them 🙂 Thank you for posting this and may Hashem watch over all Yidden.

  2. Thats all good and fine, but why ask for an onslaught of phone calls for a trite charity. Just give the pizzas out yourself and ask for compensation from someone later.

  3. The purpose of this letter was simply to share something that has been going around in Israel. This isn’t a trite charity, it’s a grassroots effort to make another Jew’s day a little brighter. If you want to give to a proper tsedaka, kol hakavod, please go for it.

  4. and I think you should also send pizza to maalot dafna residents….we had to go down to the miklat and it was during lunchtime!!!

  5. #3 — Of course it’s nice for the Pizza store to make a profit! How many pizzas do you think they sold during the 8 days of war? Right. So they’ve lose 30% or more of their monthly business to a war, live under the threat of rockets themselves, and you can’t fargin them to deliver a pie of pizza and a soda for the sum total of $13??


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