Tragedy After the Belzer Wedding: Reb Yosef Yehuda Avrohom Vind z”l


accident-belzer-weddingIt is with great sadness that we report the tragic passing of Reb Yosef Yehuda Avrohom Vind z”l, who was killed in a car accident in the early morning hours on Route 1 while returning home from the wedding of the Belzer Rebbe’s granddaughter in Yerushalayim.

The 31-year-old father of seven was a resident of Beit Shemesh.

The accident occurred near Ein Chemed, plunging the Belzer community into mourning just hours after the great simchah of the marriage of Avrohom Safran, a son of Rav Gedalya Moshe Safran of Bnei Brak and a grandson of the Kamarna Rebbe, and Malka Esther Rokeach, oldest daughter of Rav Aharon Mordechai Rokeach, who is the son of the Belzer Rebbe and son-in-law of the Makova Rebbe.

Reb Yossi Vind was born in Yerushalayim on 14 Tammuz 1983 to his father Rav Aharon Vind, a prominent and frequent presence in the home of the Belzer Rebbe, and his mother, Mrs. Esther Tzipora Vind, nee Gross.

He was a grandson of Rav Boruch Wind, well known baal tefillah in Belz.

During his childhood and teens, Reb Yossi learned in the Belzer mosdos. He married Bluma Pesia Golndauer, a daughter of Reb Chaim Tzvi, a well known sofer stam.

Reb Yossi later learned in the Belzer Kollel and moved to Beit Shemesh, where he served as a deputy director of Reshes Yeish Chesed, serving with great dedication and endearing himself to all those who met him.

Family and friends are numb with grief and disbelief that Reb Yossi, who was consumed entirely with kindness and helping others, is gone.

He is survived by his parents, his brothers and sisters, and his wife and their seven children, the oldest of whom is 10 and the youngest of whom is two years old.

The levaya will be held this afternoon.

Umacha Hashem dima meial kol ponim.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. this is a tragedy!!
    The Vind is a wonderful family, especially his father R’ Aron he is a very ehrlicha, friendly & warm person..
    Hashem should have rachmonus on the Family, his wife and 7 kids..
    Hamokom Menachem Aschem!


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