Tragedy in London: Moshe Yitzchok Greenfield z”l


moshe-yitzchok-greenfieldIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of Habochur Moshe Yitzhak Greenfield z”l in London this afternoon at the age of 19.

Wednesday afternoon, Moshe Yitzchok out with his friends to the lake at Hampstead Heath in central London to swim. Preliminary investigations indicate that the bochurim were swimming in an area where there were no lifeguards in Kenwood, a location to the north of the Heath. Suddenly, Moshe Yitzchok appeared to be drowning and his friends could not reach him. They called emergency and rescue personnel, who began searching for Moshe Yitzchok.

Hampstead Heath is a large, ancient London park, covering 320 hectares, or 790 acres. The park is one of the highest points in London, running from Hampstead to Highgate. Running along its eastern perimeter are a chain of ponds, including three open-air public swimming pools.

Police and firefighters were called at about 5:30 p.m. local time to Hampstead Heath. The fire crews used three boats in conducting a systematic search at the lake. The personnel were initially unable to locate Moshe Yitzchok. Divers from the police department were called and the search intensified. They finally discovered the body of Moshe Yitzchok. News of his drowning quickly spread throughout London.

Moshe Yitzchok was a son of Rav Chaim Yaakov Greenfield, who passed away several years ago. Rav Chaim Yaakov was prominent member of the Satmar community in London and the director of a Bais Yaakov in Yerushalayim.

Moshe Yitzchok was a talmid of the Satmar Yeshiva in Queens.

The family sustained the passing of Moshe Yitzchok’s sister several years ago after she succumbed to illness. This is the third petirah in the family in the matter of years.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{S. Newscenter}


  1. Boruch dayan haemes

    What a terrible tragedy and loss to befall klal Yisroel

    Just tragic from 1 to the next R”L. 15 child niftar in less then 6 weeks R”L

    Anyone ready yet to confess and admit to Hashem that it’s time for TESHUVA?

    Anyone even think this just happened by coincidence? Is there such a thing as coincidence?

    This is just terrible. When are we making an official day and time for Teshuva Kinnus and fasting? After yom tov is over.

    May we all do teshuva very soon so we don’t lose any more people in this time of non stop tragedies

    May his neshama have an aliya

  2. Baruch Dayan Haemes
    this tragedy has shaken the Kehilla here to the core. May we be Zoiche to the Bias Goel Tzedek NOW. WE CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER.

  3. ?.?.?.?.?.

    Hashem please help us we see that we need your help and can’t manage without you.

    May Hashem have Rachmonus on all Yidden world wide, and help us do Teshuva to encourage the coming of Moshiach in the near future, Amen.

  4. Baruch Dayan HaEmess. I understand they were able to bury Moshe Yitzchok before Shabbos in spite of the coroner’s initial delay. May Moshe Yitzchok zl be a Meletz Yasher for his family and Klal Yisrael.


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