TRAGEDY: Two Yeshiva Bochurim Killed in Serious Accident on Route 383 Outside of Beit Shemesh


Two Israeli bochurim were r”l killed today in a fiery accident on the highway outside Bait Shemesh.

The crash took place right before Yom Tov, when the driver of car containing three other passengers lost control of his vehicle and veered head-on into a vehicle in the adjacent lane, causing the car to flip over over.

MDA rushed to the scene but were unable to save two of the bochurim. Two of the passengers, along with the driver of the other car, were taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Hebrew media reports said the teenagers were all residents of the city of Beit Shemesh.

Boruch Dayan Emes

{ Israel Bureau}


  1. This tragedy should be a wake up call. All to often I see people rushing last minute (literally) before shabbos by car. The pressure to get to the destination before the zman makes for reckless driving. Roads like the 383 are dangerous at the best of times.

    If we learn from this and begin leaving for far destinations with enough time to get there several hours before shabbos without having to resort to.driving excessive speeds then these bochurim will have a kappara and a zchus

    • To aron. I think that your comment is a little inappropriate. It is one thing to be more careful yourself when you drive but to go and blame what happened on reckless driving is insensitive to anyone who feels connected to the deceased. This applies even if what your saying is true because true or not people don’t like being blamed, blame isn’t usually welcome even if it is true. Especially now we must be sensitive to family and friends.


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