Trump: ABC News Reporter ‘Should Have Been Fired!’


President Trump on Saturday took aim at a reporter who made a mistake in his reporting on the president over a month ago, sending a fresh tweet decrying the reporter’s ability to do his job.

“Brian Ross, the reporter who made a fraudulent live newscast about me that drove the Stock Market down 350 points (billions of dollars), was suspended for a month but is now back at ABC NEWS in a lower capacity. He is no longer allowed to report on Trump. Should have been fired!” Trump tweeted.

ABC News at the beginning of December was forced to correct a report by Ross saying Trump had directed his former national security adviser Michael Flynn to make contact with Russian officials during the campaign. The corrected report said Trump issued the direction after he’d already been elected.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Foggy here. What do presidents do? Review each citizen his job? Where are the patriotic messages and feelings of liberty? Mr. Trump is exactly as. Ready just a firing squad.

    We need more leadership. Human history. Only Hashem knows the plan.

    It feels like the demonic remote control is too much the office.

    Shut it off and pray. Lincoln did.

    • Maybe Lincoln did, but how did it end up for Abe?

  2. I agree. Brian Ross is just as bad as Mike Rogers, corrupt head of the dangerously corrupt NSA. Trump has to keep hitting hard at the MSM. This is our only chance to totally destroy the evil wicked media empire of lies.


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