Trump Administration Puts ACLU In Charge Of Reuniting Migrant Children With Their Criminal Deported Parents


The Trump administration on Thursday reportedly told a federal judge they shouldn’t be responsible for finding migrant parents who were deported after being separated from their children under President Trump’s controversial “zero-tolerance” policy.

The Justice Department told a federal judge that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a nonprofit organization that is representing plaintiffs in a class-action against the administration over the separations, should use their “considerable resources” to help find the parents, according to a court document filed Thursday and obtained by Politico.

“Plaintiffs’ counsel should use their considerable resources and their network of law firms, NGOs, volunteers, and others, together with the information that defendants have provided (or will soon provide), to establish contact with possible class members in foreign countries,” the department said in the filing.

Read more at The Hill.




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