Trump: Biden Would Be ‘Dream’ Opponent


President Trump said in a new interview that he considers former Vice President Joe Biden his “dream” opponent in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Trump told CBS News’s Jeff Glor in an interview that aired early Thursday that he would like to run against any of the Democrats who appear poised for a White House bid, but took the opportunity to attack Biden in particular.

“I dream about Biden. That’s a dream,” Trump said. “Look, Joe Biden ran three times. He never got more than 1 percent and President Obama took him out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did. I’d love to have it be Biden.”

“I think I’d like to have any one of those people that we’re talking about,” he continued. “You know, there’s probably – the group of seven or eight right now. I’d really like to – I’d like to run against any one of them, but Biden never by himself could never do anything.”

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  1. Uncle Joe Biden is the laughing stock of America. He was born with a golden foot in his mouth. His silly whims and foolish blunders brings out the cackle of laughter across the land. He is a L O S E R par excellence. He has accomplished nothing in his life. Delaware? Delaware?! Need I say more? He has an unusually low self-esteem. His place in life is at the dog track. When he’s there, he’s in his element. The senior citizen ladies just love all his follies. Always guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. I’ll miss him when he’s gone.


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