Trump: Britain Will Be Stronger After Brexit


Donald Trump has just touched down in the United Kingdom and given his perspective on its vote to exit the European Union.

“You can’t unite a country by forcing things down people’s throats, and that’s what happened here,” he said at a press conference in Scotland. The presumptive Republican nominee, who recently admitted to a reporter that he was unfamiliar with the term “Brexit,” touched down early Friday in his private jet for the reopening of his Trump Turnberry golf course.

Speaking from the club, Trump said: “What’s happening is historic… They’ll end up being stronger for it.” He told reporters earlier in the day: “They took back their country, it’s a great thing… people are angry all over the world.”

He added that worries about “borders” fueled the U.K. result, and suggested that other nations may follow the U.K.’s lead, saying, “This will not be the last.”

He added, “I like David Cameron… He was wrong on this, he didn’t get the mood of his country right, but he’s a good man. He probably did the right thing [by resigning].” Read more.



  1. Trump did not even kNow what Brexit was two weeks ago. This man is a joke with a budget. Think of that as you form your vote. Boasting on a day when the market tanks might indeed be evil. This is scary.


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