Trump Calls Nevada Dem Senate Candidate ‘Wacky Jacky,’ Renews ‘Pocahontas’ Jab at Warren


President Trump slammed the Democratic lawmaker challenging Sen. Dean Heller on Saturday, dubbing Rep. Jacky RosenĀ  “Wacky Jacky” in a fiery campaign speech.

Speaking at the Nevada state GOP convention, Trump attacked Rosen for campaigning with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren), whom he again called the racially charged nickname “Pocahontas.”

“[Heller’s] opponent wants to raise taxes,” Trump said, to boos. “She wants to raise taxes, think of it. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Should I mention her name?”

Trump paused as the crowd egged him on to say the name.

“I have a great nickname for her,” Trump added. “Wacky Jacky. You don’t want her as your senator.”

“Wacky Jacky is campaigning with Pocahontas, you believe this? In your state!” he added.


Read more at The Hill.



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