Trump Denies Having Prior Knowledge Of Cohen Hush-Money Payments


President Trump on Wednesday claimed that hush-money payments arranged by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, did not break the law and denied he had knowledge of them at the time.

“My first question when I heard about it was, ‘did they come out of the campaign?’ Because that could be a little dicey. But they didn’t come out of the campaign and that’s big,” Trump said during an interview with “Fox and Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt.

“It’s not even a campaign violation,” added Trump. Cohen pleaded guilty to eight felony charges, including two counts of violating campaign-finance law by arranging the payments to two women who say they had affairs with Trump.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. I really don’t get it he unfortunately is a goy acts like a goy and even if it isn’t a crime it is manipulated so he wanted it kept quiet and was willing to pay for that silence is that anywhere near as bad as what bill Clinton did for years oh I get it Clinton didn’t pay anyone to be quiet he simply destroyed anyone who accused him of wrong doing

  2. President Trump is an honest man. I’ve yet to catch him by a lie or crime. And if he says he has no knowledge, I trust him 100%, just like I’d trust my billion dollars on my desk with him guarding it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t even trust a single dollar with Obama, Hillary or a Democrat.


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