Trump Expected To Approve Release Of Memo Following Some Redactions


President Donald Trump is expected to approve the release of a controversial congressional memo alleging surveillance abuses by the FBI, after the White House agreed to some redactions at the bureau’s request, but the document may not be made public before Friday, according to senior administration officials.

The redactions were the result of a review of the memo’s classified contents by White House and intelligence community officials. The memo, which has created a political firestorm, suggests that the early origins of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election were tainted by political bias.

FBI Director Christopher Wray had opposed its release, citing “grave concerns” about key factual omissions and accuracy. The White House was not convinced that release would compromise national security but agreed to redactions to protect sensitive law enforcement methods, according to the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Trump has read the memo, administration officials said, though it remains under review. “The president is inclined to approve release of memo today or tomorrow,” a senior administration official said Thursday.

Once Trump approves its release, the White House will transmit the memo back to the House Intelligence Committee, which has the authority to release it to the public.

Staff for the committee’s GOP majority wrote the memo. The panel’s Democrats have accused the chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of creating a false narrative to undermine Mueller’s probe.

The president has told advisers that he believes the memo is “gaining traction” and could help him convince the public that the probe is a witch hunt.

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  1. the American people are entitled to see how the FBI and the Justice dept. were and still are against an ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF THE “GREAT” AMERICA and were “bribed” by the Clinton & Obama administration to let her off the hook for serious crimes and him for supporting Iran, Hezbollah & Hamas

  2. President Trump should give the FBI criminals and the other crooks the option of leaving politics and to dismantle the FBI filthy swamp altogether in lieu of revealing their corruptions. This option will include Mueller, Hillary, Obama, Comey, McCabe, Schiff, and the rest of the corrupt click. If they agree and the FBI is dismantled, Trump should create a new honest FBI.


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