Trump: ‘Illegal’ And ‘Disgrace’ If Spies On My Campaign


President Trump said Tuesday it would be “illegal” and a “disgrace” if the FBI had spies embedded in his campaign.

“A lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign. If they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country,” he said. “It would be very illegal, aside from everything else.”

The comments come as Trump is escalating his attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. It’s not “if”, it’s a fact that a CIA operative Stefan Halper was a spy and a 2nd spy wanted to infiltrate too. Now they uncovered a 3rd spy but this is in the White House, namely Fiona Hill who was brought to the White House in 2017 by McMaster a Trump-hater and backstabber.


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