Trump Lashes Out at Clapper for Questioning His ‘Fitness’ for Presidency

President Trump lashed out at former national intelligence director James Clapper on Twitter Thursday. “James Clapper,” Trump tweeted, “who famously got caught lying to Congress, is now an authority on Donald Trump. Will he show you his beautiful letter to me?” Trump referenced Clapper’s Congressional testimony in 2013, where he said intelligence officials did not “wittingly” collect data on Americans.


Clapper has frequently criticized Trump. After the president’s Tuesday night speech in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, Clapper told CNN that he was questioning Trump’s “ability to be—his fitness to be—in this office. I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it—maybe he is looking for a way out.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. I’ve proved it again and again that all those complaining about President Trump to CNN is a crook. Who else would stick up for these crooks if not the corrupt CNN?


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