Trump Makes First Presidential Visit To Camp David


President Trump left for his first visit to presidential retreat Camp David, a rustic departure from Trump’s usual weekend getaways to his resort-style, luxury country clubs.

The government-owned retreat is in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains, just a short helicopter ride from Washington.

Trump, a New York real estate mogul whose permanent residence is a gilded penthouse inside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, is not expected to make Camp David a regular getaway. He told foreign newspapers earlier this year that the retreat was “very rustic” and “you know how long you’d like it? For about 30 minutes.”

Presidents have been going from the White House to Camp David for seven decades — for pleasure and some historic diplomatic negotiations. Read more at Fox News.



  1. Joy to the chief. About 100 years ago we had a very nice republican who discussed the best idea of knowing the bible. He was Teddy Roosevelt.

    Teddy knew how the good bucolic and wilderness lifestyle was the heart of the man.

    Trump in the tower is a coward without a heart. Look at him in office. Nothing gets done and they all have lawyers ready to their charged future.

    This is just a sham.

    • You obviously just woke up from a 7 month deep sleep. So good morning and here’s a start for you from around the net.

      Breaking News (June 14, 2017): Trump Broke A White House Record And No One’s Talking About It

      President Trump has proved yet again why he was elected to lead this country. In his first-ever Cabinet meeting at the White House, our Commander-In-Chief shared further evidence of his successes, likening his first 6 months in office to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

      Despite the liberal media’s attempt to use the Russia investigation to interfere with his agenda on healthcare, taxes and infrastructure, President Trump has used his first 100 days to sign more bills into law than any other President in the last 70 years.

      The President’s accomplishments since taking office are beyond impressive, but good luck finding a positive perspective. Leftist media has gone way too far with burying our President’s successes and it is up to US to make sure that no longer happens.

      If not for the Leftist’s resistance, he would have accomplished a lot more.

  2. @Anonymous#1: and re your claim that President Trump is “without a heart,” even before he became President, and in fact before his television career, he was known to have performed many acts of generosity and kindness, without fanfare or expectations of remuneration. These are easily found with just a bit of internet research. You could search for days, though, to find any comparable acts by his predecessor or his political opponents. The charges of racism, sexism, or bad business behavior against Donald Trump were found to be exaggerated or entirely baseless, and many attempts to blacken his name actually worked to show that he had acted exactly opposite to those charges. Obama almost never mentioned Gd and said “I” hundreds of times in even his shortest remarks; President Trump rarely references himself, mentions those who work with him prominently, and always thanks Gd or invokes Gd’s blessing.
    President Trump, as a business man and as president, has made and is making mistakes, but he really seems to be a decent person trying to do a hard job well, despite a concerted and continuous effort to prevent him from doing that.


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