Trump: My Attacks on the Media Are a ‘Great Service’ to Nation


President Trump launched into the latest full-blown assault on the media Sunday morning, declaring that he is doing a “great service” to the nation by labeling the press the “enemy of the people,” the Daiky Beast reports.

In response to criticism of his rhetoric on the media, the president said the “fake news” media “purposely cause great division & distrust.” “They can also cause war. They are very dangerous & sick!” he wrote. His latest attack on the press comes just days after his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, rejected the notion of the media as the “enemy of the people” and said she did not view it that way.



  1. Wrong heading: Trump is not attacking media – he’s attacking a fascist-socialist cartel that happens to control the major media outlets. If anything, Trump attacks take away influence from the progressive-controlled contemporary media, thus he actually promotes a truly free and independent media.

    • and how would you feel if someone said “he is not attacking the media. he is attacking the jewish zionist lizard men controlled media”?

  2. Anon you can join the Jew hating sanders and Hillarey tribe. Trump is going to win big the Orthodox Fox jewish vote. We will kick the democrats out.

  3. #3 there is a difference between criticism and constant bending and twisting of the facts to continuously make trump look bad.

  4. It’s thanks to President Trump that people were brought to attention and made aware that most mainstream outlets are Fake News. Fake News monsters are no doubt THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  5. Trump is 100% correct. The small individuals don’t have powerful tools to declare the mass media as destructive and by him doing so he is indeed helping the naive people wake up and look think twice before believing opinions in the media

    • so powerfull media is scary. but allowing companies to have superpacs and therefore heavily tip elections out sync with money is no problem?

  6. Anon who r you kidding can’t takr criticism? Do you really claim that the media treat trump the way they treated Obama or the criminal Hillary? They go after trump for so called implied lies that don’t effect anything while giving Obama a pass on his totally misrepresented Obamacare that impacted millions of people


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