Trump ‘Not Under Investigation,’ His Lawyer Says


One of President Trump’s lawyers has refuted reports the president is under investigation for obstruction of justice. Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump’s legal team, told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that “the president is not under investigation by the special counsel.” He was commenting on a Washington Post report from last week that cited anonymous sources as saying special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice during the ongoing Russia probe. Sekulow also disputed Trump’s Twitter comments from Friday, in which the president explicitly said, “I’m being investigated.”

In a separate interview with Fox News Sunday, Sekulow appeared to alter his statement, at one point saying, “he’s being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general are recommending him to take.” When asked about the seemingly contradictory statement, Sekulow said he did not appreciate host Chris Wallace “putting words in my mouth.” Read more at the WASHINGTON POST.



  1. If Mueller claims that Trump’s remark about Flynn “I ‘hope’ you can let this go” is an “obstruction of justice”, he surely presumes that G-d will also accuse Trump for “obstruction of justice” when he offered his ‘hopes’ and prayers for Republican Congressman Steve Scalise saying “G-d I ‘hope’ he pulls through”.

    • Ok I’ll bite

      Assuming the two are the same and by trump hoping for Scalise to pull through, G-d takes the hint and pulls him throuigh. how is that obstructing justice.

      Incidently I had the strangest encounter shabbos, I had told my neighbor “I hope youll join us for the seudah” and the guy shows up completely uninvited! I never invited him nor told him to come, I was just “hoping” he would come!

  2. typical distortion of the w. post filthy rag. watch the whole interview and see that he was not contradictory at all!!!!!


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