Trump Pledges $100M to Win Nomination


trumpAfter a shaky debate performance earlier this week, Donald Trump is hoping his wealth and celebrity will be able to keep him ahead of his competition. He told The New York Times that he is willing to spend more than $100 million to get the Republican nomination, planning most of the spending for states with early nominations.

Trump also bragged about the he had planned to spend $15 million on campaign commercials, but never needed to due to the “free nationwide publicity” the media has provided. Read more at the New York Times.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Thank G-d that the democrats will never vote for this guy. If he even has a chance to beat Hillary with democrat support, I will just assume that Torah will be falling off many shelves in our communities. We clearly did not daven well enough.

  2. To#1: how is Trump any worse than any American president in the last hundred years(Reagan excluded)?! How does an Arab loving fascist such as Hillary is somehow better for our people?! How could you have a nerve to invoke Torah and davening in your anti-Torah liberal ideology?!


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