Trump Postpones Veep Announcement After France Attack


Donald Trump will put off unveiling vice presidential candidate for now.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee had planned a news conference in New York Friday to name his running mate. But in a sudden today Thursday on Twitter just 16 hours before he was scheduled to unveil his running mate, Trump said he would postpone the event because of tonight’s attack in southern France that left several dozen dead.

The news jolted an already topsy-turvy day full of intrigue and speculation.

At the time of Trump’s announcement, attention was focused squarely on Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Allies of Pence and Trump have sent increasingly strong signals that Pence would be Trump’s pick, but the campaign gave no official word.

Trump’s change of plans could put Pence in an uncomfortable position. He has until noon Friday to withdraw from the gubernatorial ballot in Indiana. A long list of Hoosier State Republicans have been lining up to jump in that race if he bows out.

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  1. I think both sides have to sit down by the negotiating table. Both sides have to tone down the rhetoric. Both sides have to end all provocations. The PM of France should apologize to all Muslims for painting them with a broad brush.

  2. Wimp. It is not an American Attack G-d forbid ever but the sad thing is that he is going to twerk anytime that the news has more to say about a very scary event. Sadly, that is every day these days.


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