Trump Regrets Putting ObamaCare Repeal On Top Of Agenda, Blames Ryan: Report


President Trump reportedly regrets putting repealing and replacing ObamaCare at the top of his legislative agenda and blames Speaker Paul Ryan for assuring him that a health-care overhaul was sure to pass in the GOP-controlled Congress.

The House rejected an initial proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act before passing a revised measure earlier this year.

But the effort later foundered in the Senate and was ultimately upended in July when the chamber narrowly voted down a slimmed-down ObamaCare repeal bill. Trump has voiced particular frustration with McConnell for that failure. Read more at The Hill.




  1. The president HAD to have been told it would’ve been a better strategy to start with infrastructure but he did not listen to those advisors. It is in his DNA to blame and to just be angry. Next crisis… next drama… next headline grabber… etc.


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