Trump Says May Ask Ex-NY Mayor Giuliani To Study Muslim Ban


The AP reports that Donald Trump says he may set up a commission to study his immigration policies and his proposed ban on foreign Muslims entering the U.S. The man he may ask to lead the commission is the former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who’s called Trump’s idea of a Muslim ban unconstitutional.

The AP adds that Trump floated the idea of a commission Wednesday on Fox News and addressed it only briefly, not saying if this would happen if he wins the White House or during his Republican presidential campaign.



  1. To think a candidate for the highest office is running and still unaware of the bigger picture of the designs he proposes is interesting. Clearly he had no idea if it would be anything that could do anything but influence an election.

    That is why we are deceived and Trump is given just hated voice by every word he speaks.

    This era is nearly hostile over the worth of no greater good for society.

    The Satan is clearly the bad number behind the Trump impulsivity and hate.

    Heed your Torah calling.


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