Trump Sets Off For First Europe Trip As President


There won’t be sword dancing this time, but the choreography for Donald Trump’s second trip abroad as U.S. president will be familiar.

From Poland’s capital, Trump will fly to Hamburg in Germany for a meeting of the Group of 20 leaders that begins Friday. There, he’s likely to find himself in an uncomfortably small minority on major issues such as climate change and free trade, much as he did at the G-7 gathering that followed his trip to the Middle East. The German government has drafted as many as 15,000 police from around the country to keep protesters under control.

On Monday, Poland’s pro-government Gazeta Polska newspaper ran a full-page advertisement inviting readers to the U.S. president’s “first speech in Europe,” and to a picnic to follow at the national sports stadium. For two weeks already, similar posters have been plastered around the capital and lawmakers from the governing Law & Justice Party have been offering to bus in social media followers.

Trump will also attend a summit of the Three Seas Initiative while in Warsaw. Launched jointly by Poland and Croatia last year, the group consists of 12 east European countries bounded by the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas. Most are ex-Soviet bloc states that remain heavily dependent on Russia for natural gas and concerned for their energy security. Read more at BLOOMBERG.




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