Trump: ‘Take Back’ USA From Mexicans


donald trumpDonald Trump told more than 4,000 people in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday that “we have to take back the heart of our country” from Mexican immigrants. 

The Republican presidential candidate declared: “These are people that shouldn’t be in our country. They flow in like water.”

For 70 minutes, Trump went on about immigrants, the media, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and companies like Macy’s and NASCAR that dumped him for saying Mexicans are largely criminals. Read more.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. It has been 99 years since the last time a Mexican terrorist attacked the United States. His name was Pancho Villa.

    Mexicans have been part of American society since long before Trump’s own ancestors emigrated here from Europe. Tens of thousands of Mexicans were granted automatic US citizenship — no naturalization process needed — by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. No need even to learn English, and the former Mexican citizens were classified as “white” by the US government into the 20th century.

    The US imports more oil from Mexico than from any country other than Canada and Saudi Arabia. Watch what happens to gasoline prices when Mexico decides to shut off the oil supply.

  2. He is the typical politician that gets attention by saying what some people want to hear. People like to blame anything in their frustration on some other people or issues. Mexicans in the USA are part of the fabric of this diverse nation…if they are attacked is a mater of time that other will be attacked as well.

    This guy has a long history of stupidity and boastful entertainment the only fact that makes his bid for the presidency is that he has money.

    can you imagine…money can get your message across even when it offers little intelligence.

  3. “Mexicans in the USA are part of the fabric of this diverse nation.”

    True. Does he not realize that there were Spanish settlements in the Southwest, settlements that would later be part of Mexico, before Jamestown?

    We should all pause and remember that the Mexican heritage in the US is older than that of Jews. And Trump’s own family didn’t arrive here until the 19th and 20th centuries.


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