Trump to Appeal Federal Ruling on Blocking Twitter Critics


The Justice Department has vowed to appeal a ruling handed down by a federal judge last month that prohibited President Trump from blocking people from his Twitter account, according to a court filing submitted Monday.

Seven plaintiffs had sued the president over his habit of blocking users with whom he doesn’t agree, and U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald sided with them last month in ruling that it would be unconstitutional for the president, a public official, to block Twitter users for their political views. Trump has more than 52 million followers on Twitter and often uses the social media platform to announce policy and attack critics. Read more at The DAILY BEAST.



  1. In the meantime, governments worldwide are working on a law to censor and shut Real News and any media or internet site that will not follow Mainstream Fake News’ narratives. France has already begun.


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