Trump’s Lawyers Reject Mueller’s Latest Terms For Interview


President Trump’s legal team in the Russia investigation reportedly rebuffed special counsel Robert Mueller’s conditions for an interview on Wednesday, instead suggesting a more limited line of questioning.

The New York Times reported that attorneys Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani did not completely reject an interview, but instead countered Mueller’s offer with another one of their own. The lawyers did not comment on the specifics of their proposal, but sources told the newspaper that it rules out potential questions about obstruction of justice.

“We’re restating what we have been saying for months: It is time for the Office of the Special Counsel to conclude its inquiry without further delay,” Giuliani told The New York Times.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Clearly Shver is timing everything carefully to pop the Grand Inquisitor’s balloon right before elections. Since our fourth branch of gov’t is so loosely defined, I’d suggest that the proceedings be limited to one hour, allow questioning by either party (the Gauleiter obviously dare not plead “national security”, and TELEVISE IT LIVE. The Gauleiter will be wheeled out of there, and Shver will get back to his twitter oracle. Shtuss oyf’n allin. Aynom ro’unm aynom shom’im aynom mayveeneem.


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