TSA Is Reportedly Considering Putting An End To Passenger Screenings At Some Airports


The Transportation Security Administration is reportedly considering putting an end to passenger screenings at about 150 small and medium-sized airports.

According to CNN, which cites “senior agency officials and internal documents,” as its sources, “passengers and luggage arriving from these smaller airports would be screened when they arrive at major airports for connecting flights instead of the current practice of joining the already screened population at the larger airport.”

The proposed measure is estimated to result in annual cost savings of about $115 million.

Paul Cruickshank, a terrorism analyst for CNN, said it was “stunning that this is even seriously being considered,” and noted, “Al Qaeda and ISIS still regard aviation as a priority…They would see that as a way to inflict severe economic damage on the United States.”


Read more at AOL.



    • They originated from Bush’s government where there was no screening. By the way, where are the luggage from the people “killed” then? Do you know any names of people killed? And how is it that only the passport of the pilot “survived” the 9/11 destruction?

      • Your brilliant analytical skills have reduced our nefarious plot to rubble! Rubble, I say! I confess – it was all a government/CNN/Facebook/CCCP plot.
        -President Rufus T. Firefly, Conspirator-in-Chief

      • You probably think the Holocaust never happened either.

        The list of names of the people killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack is on the memorial in NYC and in Pennsylvania. Yes, my child, it was a terrorist attack, not a conspiracy by the US government, or anyone else except for the 11 terrorists and Osama bin Laden.

        Stop being so stupid, and stop insulting the memories of those we lost, many of whom were Jewish.

  1. This guy’s name is Cruickshank? Are you serious?! This guy is a terrorism analyst?! For CNN?! Does Matzav even care what report they put out before actually reading it? The old Louis Mechep jokes were better.


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