TSA Will Stop Singling Out Black Women



The Transportation Security Administration has agreed to begin anti-discrimination training for agents, after two black women filed complaints about their hair being singled out for searches.

Malaika Singleton and Novella Coleman said their hair was arbitrarily searched numerous times at airports. Coleman told Buzzfeed that one agent told her they were instructed to search hair with extensions or “abnormalities.”

The women and the TSA reached an agreement in January, with the TSA vowing to begin training officers to stress “race neutrality.” Read more at Buzzfeed News.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. They should just close the whole TSA down. So let’s see. You can’t single out Arabs, blacks, women, misfits, etc… Only evil white racist males are allowed to be checked! What kind of security is that?! This is just another tax drain! The highschool drop outs that wear those purple disposable gloves and make me take my shoes off, should be fired! Liberalism will kill us all!


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