Turkish Court to Pursue Prosecution of Israeli Soldiers Despite Apology


erdogan-turkeyIn a rapprochement brokered by President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu apologized to his Turkish counterpart, Prime Minister Erdogan on March 22 over the 2010 killing of nine Turks aboard the Mavi Marmara.

As part of the agreement, Israel wants lawsuits against its soldiers to be dropped. However, Israel’s apology to Turkey did not go far enough and Israeli soldiers will be pursued in court.

“Our efforts are for the full lifting of the [Gaza] blockade. Nobody wants compensation, and while an apology may have diplomatic meaning, it means nothing to the victims,” Ahmet Varol, a journalist who was on the ship, said Monday.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Netanyahu should withdraw the apology. The soldiers did nothing wrong anyway. They simply responded to the violence that they were confronted with. The blockade (also run by Egypt.. by the way) is legal in International law.

  2. #1, Etzhar: You are right! PM Netanyahu should withdraw his apology and by the time this soneh wants to take the soldiers to court, zohl dus soneh hoben a mapalah.


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