Two Lakewood Resident Lyftred With NYC Terrorist Two Weeks Before Attack


Two bochurim from England used Sayfullo Saipov, the terrorist from Tuesday’s attack in NYC which killed eight, as their Uber driver just weeks before he went on his deadly rampage.

Avrumi and Eli Grynhaus were returning from a trip to Miami when they used the Lyft app to get from Newark Airport to Lakewood. They didn’t think much of it when they were picked up by a Muslim driver.

But the two brothers were shocked when just weeks later they recognized the picture of the suspect published by news outlets.

“I freaked out,” Grynhaus said Wednesday. “I was actually in a Lyft with this guy? The fact that he killed eight people yesterday is just a frightening thought.”



  1. Looks like a nice guy. Maybe he was having some private issues. He probably wasn’t given unconditional love when he needed it most (think otd). Not everything is terrorism. It’s not easy trying to make an honest living.


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