Two NYC Men Accused of Offering to Aid Hezbollah


nypdTwo New York City men have been charged with trying to provide weapons, ammunition and vehicles to Hezbollah. Forty-five-year-old Patrick Nayyar of Queens and Conrad Stanisclaus Mulholland were indicted in federal court in Manhattan on a charge of trying to provide material support to a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization. A lawyer for Nayyar did not immediately return a call for comment. Mulholland is a fugitive.

The indictment accused the men of trying to arrange a deal between July and September with a man they thought worked for Hezbollah. The indictment said the man was actually a confidential informant working for the FBI.

Authorities say the men agreed to sell guns, ammunition, vehicles, bulletproof vests and night vision goggles to the informant.

{NewYorkNow/ Newscenter}



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