Two Years after Gaza War, IDF Learns the Lessons


The IDF has integrated the majority of the lessons drawn during the 2014 Gaza war into its military strategy for the next war, which security officials have determined is only a matter of time.

Tactical lessons include detecting Hamas terror tunnels, improved intelligence, and preventing amphibious infiltration.

All ground troops are now trained to face the tunnel threat, and the combat engineering unit responsible for blowing up tunnels has increased three-fold in size.

Sensor systems have been placed on the maritime border between Israel and Gaza in order to thwart attempts by Hamas amphibious commandos to cross into Israeli territory.

David Steger – Israel


  1. the best way to deal with Gaza is to choke it and then bomb it overwhelmingly like the hypocritic Americans do with their shock and awe no need to kill Jewish boys to save Hamas wives.


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