Tzefas Mayor Wants New City Pool To Operate On Shabbos


At a stormy meeting in the Tzefas town council, chareidi councilmen expressed their firm opposition to plans to operate a new public pool on Shabbos. They feared that this may also cause chillul Shabbos in the area adjacent to the pool. But Mayor Ilan Shochet was adamant that he would decide independently how to act. The pool is expected to open this week.

Rav Shimon Badani of the Shas Moetzes added his signature to a letter written by local rabbonim to the chareidi councilmen, which stated:

“We hereby appeal to you regarding the new Nof Techeiles Pool, which is reportedly due to operate every day with public chillul Shabbos. This is in addition to an existing pool which already opens on Shabbos for youngsters.

“Therefore, we hereby appeal to each member of the city council and to everyone who can help to prevent the new pool from operating on Shabbos and to ensure that there are partitions around the pool to prevent it from being a pitfall to passersby.”

David Steger – Israel



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