U.K. Will Remain Friend Of Israel After Brexit, British Envoy Says


United Kingdom Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey said his country will remain close friends with Israel following the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) in the Brexit referendum.

“We have been a friend of Israel in the EU, we’ll be a friend of Israel outside the EU, but Israel’s relations with the EU in the future will have to be determined without Britain at the table,” Quarrey said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2.

“I don’t think that things will change very significantly between the U.K. and Israel. I don’t see any likely change in the desire on our part for a strong relationship with Israel based on trade, investment, security, cooperation, technology, and science,” he added.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu praised his British counterpart David Cameron, who announced his resignation following the vote. Cameron is a “respected leader and a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu added that under Cameron’s leadership, “the security, economic and technological cooperation between the United Kingdom and Israel has greatly expanded,” and that the nations have “laid a strong foundation for continued cooperation.”




  1. The UK probably won’t be the UK after Brexit because Scotland will certainly leave and Northern Ireland might, too. England and Wales will remain friendly but will be economically depressed and politically isolated. A strong UK within the EU would have done Israel a lot more good. And the Brexit result only encourages more nativist sentiment in other countries, sentiment that always affects Jews negatively.


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