U.N. Adopts 6 Anti-Israel Resolutions

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The United Nations Human Rights CouncilThe United Nations General Assembly this week adopted six anti-Israel resolutions sponsored by the Palestinian Authority and Syria.

In one of the resolutions, the U.N. condemned Israel for retaining the northern Golan Heights region, demanding that Israel hand that territory to Syria. Another resolution urged Israel to end its “occupation” of the Palestinian territories and invoked the Palestinians’ right to self-determination. Six nations—Israel, United States, Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau—voted against the measures, with four countries abstaining.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of U.N. Watch, called the world body’s timing on the resolutions “morally galling and logically absurd.”

“It’s astonishing,” said Neuer. “At a time when the Syrian regime is massacring its own people, how can the U.N. call for more people to be subject to [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s rule?”

Neuer added, “What is also outrageous is that these resolutions claim to care about Palestinians, yet the U.N. proves itself oblivious to the hundreds of Palestinians who continue to be slaughtered, maimed and expelled by Assad’s forces.”

The U.N. has a longstanding reputation of disproportionate criticism of Israel.


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  1. Nothing about the Paris massacres. Nothing about Syria gassing its own people. Nothing about ISIS taking over thousands of square miles. Nothing about ISIS beheadings. Nothing about Jews being attacked across Europe – because they’re Jews. Nothing about BDS (which accordNothing about inhibiting freedom of religion on Har HaBayis. Nothing about that antisemetic organization in New York that keeps on shaming themselves over and over again. Nope NOTHING, NADA,
    So they turn on little old Israel

  2. The UN should move from Manhattan. Maybe Raqqa would be a good choice or they could try Gaza. The prime real estate they occupy could be used for much better purposes. Third rate organization should relocate to a third rate country.


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