U.S. Army Selects Israeli System to Protect APCs


The U.S. Army has chosen Israel Military Industries’ Iron Fist as an active protection system for its armored personnel carriers. The system to be installed on APC rooftops will use a combination of a radar and an electro-optical sensor to detect and intercept a range of incoming missiles and rocket-propelled grenades, IMI corporate vice president of marketing Avinoam Zafir said.

The system can jam threats from missiles that have advanced guidance systems and cause them to fall harmlessly to the ground. “Dumb” weapons, such as RPGs, are destroyed using interceptors, small warheads that explode near the incoming threat, destroying it with a shock wave at a safe distance from the defended APC.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Interesting decision. The US actually funded – jointly with the Israeli Ministry of Defence – another active protection system called Moked (Trophy), which was developed by Rafael. Trophy is currently operational with the IDF, and successfully protected at least 11 Merkava tanks from destruction during recent conflicts.

    I presume the Israeli Government ran a full and open competition and IMI won fair and square – but what do I know?


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