U.S. Jews Feel More Warmly About Netanyahu Than Obama, Poll Finds


obama netanyahuAmerican Jews feel more warmly about Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu than President Barack Obama, a new poll says.

In the poll, commissioned by the left-wing J Street lobby, respondents were asked to quantify their feelings about the two leaders on a scale of 1-100, “with 100 meaning a very warm, favorable feeling; 0 meaning a very cold, unfavorable feeling.” Netanyahu’s rating was 56 and Obama scored 49. Former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got a 49 and Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida who is expected to launch a presidential bid, received a 28.

Jews feel closer to the Democratic Party—which received a rating of 49—than to the GOP, which got a 29, according to the poll.




  1. Obviously this poll includes – and is possibly dominated by – left-wing Jews who are traditionally and reflexively pro-Democrat and liberally inclined. The fact that even these people who undoubtedly want to see Obama do well and want to like him still are so un-enamored of him after his 6.5 years of ceaseless hostility toward Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu proves that you really can’t fool all the people all the time. Only a far, far left Obamalover who’s willing to be dishonest to himself and to others would even bother trying to portray our current president as anything but the greatest opponent Israel has ever had in the White House.


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