U.S. Pressures Abbas to End Controversial Payments to Terrorists’ Families 



Rory Jones reports for the Wall Street Journal that Western countries are pressuring Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to end payments to families of Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails and to families of those killed while attacking Israelis.
President Trump raised these payments in a meeting with Abbas on Wednesday at the White House, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.
Israel says the system incentivizes terrorism, and it sees the payments as a test of the Palestinians’ willingness to make compromises.
This “is not a social-welfare program,” said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). “If the Palestinian Authority is truly concerned about human welfare, it should show a little more concern for the innocent people these terrorists have killed.”
The Palestinian Authority in 2016 paid out roughly $300 million to tens of thousands of families of prisoners or Palestinians killed by Israel, according to data published by the Palestinian administration and collated by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.


  1. and if abbas says he will agree not to support terrorist’s families any longer, are supposed to believe him? these are known liars. Mr Trump, be careful….as i’m sure you will be.

  2. Three hundred million dollars?! That’s quite a wad of money for an entity that doesn’t have much of a GDP. The big question is not whether the US can get Abbas to stop paying terrorists, but where all that money is coming from and whether the US can get much of the funding to stop.

    A large portion of the enormous sums the world pours into Gaza winds up going toward militarization (i.e. targeting Jews) and a large portion of the enormous sums the world funnels into the PA winds up going toward terrorism (i.e. targeting Jews). What’s going on here? If diplomacy can’t change the “Palestinian” mindset, at least cut their budget.


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